Tenko Omakase Restaurant Bangkok



Tenko is a premium Japanese restaurant offering authentic Omakase dining in the heart of Bangkok. At the helm, Chef Daisuke Nishimura, together with Chef Aitsara Praphamonthon and their culinary masters, have decades of expertise in the beautifully creative and incredibly delicious Japanese culinary arts. With his expert team, he brings the traditional ‘Kappo’ style of cooking to life through his exquisite Omakase creations, which are meticulously prepared using only the best ingredients and the finest seasonal produce carefully sourced directly from Japan.


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Tenko Omakase Restaurant | Pullman Bangkok King Power
8/2 Rangnam Road, Thanon-Phayathai, Ratchathewi, 10400 Bangkok Thailand
Tel: +66 (0)2 680 9999



Embark on a gastronomic adventure through the illustrious world of Japanese cuisine as we delve into the intimate and refined experience offered by Tenko Omakase Restaurant Bangkok. The term ‘omakase’ resonates with epicureans around the globe—often equated with a leap of faith into the chef’s hands, it heralds a dining spectacle unique in its personal touch and culinary mastery. Here at Tenko, the omakase philosophy is not just adopted but elevated through the finesse of Kappo dining—where precision meets spontaneity, and simplicity intertwines with sophistication.

The Essence of Omakase

To understand the allure of Tenko Omakase Restaurant, an exploration of ‘omakase’—which loosely translates to ‘I leave it up to you’ in Japanese—is quintessential. In the traditional omakase setting, trust becomes the key ingredient as guests entrust their sensory experience to the chef’s expertise and creativity. It is more than a menu; it is an expression of seasonal narratives channelled through an array of dishes that are both a revelation and a tribute to Japanese culinary traditions.

Tenko Omakase Restaurant Bangkok
Tenko Omakase Restaurant Bangkok

Tenko Omakase Restaurant Bangkok

A Sanctuary within the City

Nestled within the botanical gardens of the Pullman Bangkok King Power Hotel, Tenko Omakase Restaurant emerges as a portal to tranquillity amidst the urban sprawl of Bangkok. The ambience is instantly transformative—a harmonious blend of modern aesthetics rooted in the profound ethos of Japanese architecture. Subtle lighting, and minimalist decor, curate an oasis of calm, ensuring each diner’s immersion into the intimate Kappo dining adventure.

The Kappo Dining Experience

Kappo, literally meaning ‘to cut and to cook’, epitomises the interactive theatre of Japanese haute cuisine. Unlike its more familiar counterpart Sushi, Kappo cuisine encompasses a wider spectrum of techniques—grilling, steaming, frying, simmering—each a testament to the chef’s virtuosity. At Tenko Bangkok, the Kappo experience unfolds face-to-face with the chef, in a dynamic display of culinary prowess, where each slice, sear, and garnish is part of the mesmerising culinary ballet.

Tenko Omakase Restaurant Bangkok4
Tenko Omakase Restaurant Bangkok4

Fine Cuisine at Tenko Omakase Restaurant

Every dish at Tenko is a piece of artwork, crafted with the precision of a seasoned itamae. The Kappo dining menu is a tempestuous sea of choices, where each visit might unveil an entirely new assortment, tailored to seasonal availability. Highlight ingredients may traverse from the rich marbling of Wagyu beef to the delicate sweetness of Hokkaido uni (sea urchin).

The multi-course meal often begins with delicate appetisers such as ‘amuse-bouche’, followed by sashimi that honours the fish’s natural flavour, then courses that gradually build in complexity and richness before concluding with a refreshing dessert. Traditional Japanese hospitality, or ‘omotenashi’, is at the very core of the Tenko experience, striking a balance between meticulous attention to the customer’s needs and the respectful distance that allows for personal enjoyment.

Experince Tenko Omakase Restaurant Bangkok

Imagine a seat at Tenko’s exclusive counter, where the barrier between diner and chef dissolves, replaced by a shared passion for food. Through each course served guests are not merely tasting but learning—the origins of each ingredient narrated, the philosophy behind a technique explained, the history of a dish shared. To dine at Tenko is to witness the untold stories of Kappo cuisine come alive on your palate.

Tenko Omakase Restaurant Bangkok does not merely deliver a meal—it curates an encompassing experience that taps into the depths of one’s senses. From the lush backdrop of Bangkok, step into the cocoon of Tenko’s universe, where Kappo dining transcends food and becomes a language spoken through each meticulously prepared course. For food enthusiasts, Japanese cuisine fans, and curious customers alike—Tenko beckons with the promise of an unparalleled omakase journey.

Embrace the exceptional, the exquisite, and the exclusive with a visit to Tenko Omakase Restaurant Bangkok—a celebration of the refined Kappo dining ritual and the zenith of culinary craftsmanship.